Grade 6-8 Learning Expectations--Physical Education
Physical Education is an integral part of the educational experience that contributes to the development of the individual through the unique medium of physical activity – human movement.  It is a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences designed to fulfill the growth, development, and behavioral attitudes involving health, wellness, personal, and athletic fitness of the students.

Our Physical Education program encourages students to:

  • Develop the skills of movement, the knowledge of the why and how one may move, and the ways in which movement may be organized.
  • Learn to move skillfully and effectively through exercise, dance, games, team and individual sports, and various rhythmical activities;
  • Express culturally approved patterns of personal behavior and interpersonal relationships in and through sports;
  • Develop the five components of physical fitness in order to meet the body’s daily and emergency demands;
  • Acquire an appreciation and respect for personal fitness and well being;
  • Nurture an interest and desire to participate in lifetime recreational activities for fitness and enjoyment;
  • Be exposed to non-competitive learning experiences to assist in the promotion of stable emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
Major Units:
Physical Fitness Testing           Flag Football           Aquatics         Personal Fitness
Battle of the Blue and Gold      Dance                   Basketball       Golf
Soccer                                  Pickle Ball              Softball           Volleyball