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No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

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Parent Involvement and Notification About Important Information

What is the federal law that governs K-12 public education?

In December 2015, the nation's Elementary Secondary Education Action (ESEA) was reauthorized and renamed as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) .  It was approved by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education's website at

This new law replaces the The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 -- more commonly called NCLB -- which was signed into law in January 2002 by President Bush.  It had contained major changes to the Elementary Secondary Education Action (ESEA) which is the legislation that has governed K-12 public education since 1965. 


Research over the past 30 years has found that parent involvement in a child’s education is very valuable and has benefits for students, families and schools.  An important benefit is that parent and family involvement can contribute to student success and student achievement gains. 

Parent Involvement Under ESSA

NCLB requires school districts to have policies that endorse parent and family involvement in their child's education and practices that make information about teaching and learning available to parents in accessible and user-friendly ways.  Specifically, ESSA requires that the following information be shared with parents and family members each school year.

-         Annual School Report Cards
Every year the District provides information to the State on enrollment, student demographic information, class size, budget, teacher qualifications and student achievement (e.g., standardized test scores, AP classes and SAT scores) for each school. This information is organized into an easy to read format – a school report card format – and is placed on the NJ Department of Education’s web site.

The District has a policy that describes parent-guardian or family involvement for the Princeton Public Schools.  This policy is reviewed and adopted each year at the Board of Education's reorganization meeting, usually held in April. Click here for the Spanish version of policy.
At the beginning of the school year a copy of this policy is distributed to parents and guardians of students who recieved supplemental language and mathematics services in the prior year.  The policy is also distributed at Back-to-School Night activities at each school.  Click here for the Spanish version.

-        Parent-School Compacts
The parent-school compact is an agreement between teachers, parents and students that each partner will work together to help each student succeed in their school experience. The elementary parent-school compact  Click here for Spanish version of elementary compact. The middle school school also has a parent-school compact.  

At the beginning of every school year a letter is distributed to parents and family members informing them about the qualifications of teachers in the district -- demonstrating that all teachers' qualifications meet or exceed the standards required by the State and ESSA.  This letter is also distributed in Spanish.  Click here for Spanish version of letter.

In the month of September a letter is distributed to parents and guardians of students who are eligible to receive supplemental support in language arts (reading and writing) and mathematics.  Click here for the Spanish version.  These supplemental services are provided as part of the K-5 Accelerated Intervention Services (AIS) Program or the JWMS Accelerated Intervention Services (AIS) Program.  Some of the supplemental programming is provided afterschool or in the summer and this programming is funded by Title I A grant funds.  

In the month of September (or within 30 days of the start of the school year) a letter is distributed to parents and guardians of students who are eligible to receive ESL-Bilingual Program services in grades K-12.  Parents have the option to accept or decline services for their child.  Click here for the Spanish version. For a child who enters school later in the school year, the District will inform the parent within two weeks that their child is eligible for ESL-Bilingual services.

Title I Eligible Schools in 2016-17 School Year

 For the 2016-17 school year the following schools are eligible to receive NCLB Title I A Program funding:  Community Park, Johnson Park, Riverside and John Witherspoon Middle School. Additional details are provided about Title I funded activities under the Title I Program link.




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