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District Definition of Student Achievement
In 2009-2010 our district developed a definition of “student achievement” at each of our schools.  Based on the six definitions, our district found common priorities that encourage students to:

1)   acquire increasing levels of independence for lifelong learning,
2)   utilize multiple forms of thinking and
3)   demonstrate evidence of learning in academic, social and emotional pathways.

Each priority demonstrates our overarching beliefs in the value of a rigorous PreK-12 educational  experience.  First, we believe that students will gain skills and habits of mind to become independent  learners as they progress from the elementary grades into middle school and adopt the motto of Princeton High School, “Live to Learn and Learn to Live.”  Second, we believe our students must think in creative, critical, flexible and metacognitive ways.  As students in the 21st Century it becomes increasingly necessary for young people to apply diverse learning modalities as well as multiple forms of thinking.  Third, we know that our teachers must focus on the whole child in order for our learners to progress academically, socially and emotionally.