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Partnerships and Networks

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The Princeton Public Schools Board of Education values opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in districts similar to ours.  Two organizations to which we belong are the Tri-State Consortium and the Minority Student Achievement Network.

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  1. The Tri-State Consortium is a learning organization devoted to assisting its member districts in using student performance data to develop a rigorous framework for systemic planning, assessment, accreditation, and continuous improvement. As critical friends, Consortium members advance teaching and learning and share best practices through the application of the Tri-State model.

  2. Tri-State Indicators
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Metacognition (see statement and definition below)
  • Student Performance Data
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Learning
  • Equitable Support for Student Needs
  • Shared Vision
  • Parent and Community Involvement
  1. Metacognition
  2. Our Value/Belief Statement:
  3. Metacognition is vital to developing understanding and to creating meaning. In order for students to reach complex advanced levels of learning, they must develop strong metacognitive skills. Students who demonstrate a wide range of metacognitive skills become self-regulated learners who choose tools from a wide repertoire and modify their learning strategies and skills based on awareness of their effectiveness.
Our Definition:

Metacognition is a learner’s process of considering, monitoring and regulating one’s own learning. It is a level of thinking that involves active control over the process of thinking in learning situations. Metacognitive skills include: planning the way to approach a learning task, monitoring comprehension, evaluating progress toward the completion of a task and maintaining motivation to see a task to completion.

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The Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN) is a national coalition of multiracial, suburban-urban school districts that have come together to study achievement gaps that exist in their districts.  Princeton Public Schools has been a member of the Minority Student Achievement Network around a decade, hosting the National Minority Achievement Council's 2004 conference of students.

MSAN Student Leadership

A group of Princeton High School students attend a National Student conference each year. The students develop an action plan and implement activities based on their priorities within the action plan.

MSAN Institutes and Mini-Conferences

MSAN offers annual Institutes and Mini-Conferences based on the student achievement needs of the member districts.  Examples include increasing the number of students of color taking and succeeding in higher level courses, decreasing the number of students of color receiving special education services and increasing cultural competence.

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